Saturday, July 28, 2007

Has is been so long?

Whew - it HAS been a while! Since I included this link in our ever so slightly overdue (grandmas all over the world snicker at this point) thank you notes, it might be good to update, huh? Well here is the short version for now, and once your appetite has been whetted (whet? whettened?), you'll be forced to come back for more details later. Brilliant!

Number One:

Brad and I are having a baby soon! Our little girl is due August 28th, but as we have about one million things to do before she arrives, my instincts tell me she will make her world debut at her leisure. And what is causing all this busyness in our lives, you ask? Well...

Number Two:

We are moving into our new house! We closed on July 12, just five days after they installed the house's first central AC. Ever. Mom and Dad have already given us a lot of help - mostly in the form of hard labor, but also in the way of advice and perspective (Soon after they bought their house on Swako they found out they were pregnant and that Mom's sporty little car was too small for a car seat - wait, that sounds familiar...) and they are back for more abuse this weekend! I think painting ought to be done by the end of the weekend or by mid-week at the latest, and then we can start the slow-motion moving.

Those are the biggest updates. They kind of over-shadow things like, it turns out Brad and I don't like tabouli after all, Transformers the movie was a bit of a let down, and my Mom and Louisa throw the most awesome baby showers of all time.

With love and laughs

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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Recital Time!

I am officially approved and scheduled for my Artist Certificate Rectial at SMU!! All I have left to do is circle Saturday, April 28 at 2pm in red in my calendar and it is set it stone.

Please join me now in a big sigh of relief that the time worked for everyone.(ahhhhhhh..........) And for your viewing pleasure, my almost constant view for the next couple of months:

Long live the percussion recital!


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