Wednesday, July 5, 2006

What Wedding?

Two and a half weeks until the wedding!! Am I worrying about the wedding? the honeymoon? the move? the whole 'starting a new life in a new place' thing? No. I'm worrying about placement auditions for S*M*U's orchestra.
They will be held a week after Brad and I move, and I am thinking maybe I ought to be working on the music, even though I had promised myself a practice-free month before the wedding. Obviously the nagging practice guilt has not motivated me very far since it hit a couple of days ago:

In other news, I am still holding out hope that my baby garden is going to produce before we have to leave! I am just sure my morning glories are going to start to bloom any day now and that my brave little green tomatoes are going to ripen at any moment. Maybe.



  1. Update: green tomatoes stay green, but more little green ones show up! Morning glories are not even attempting to bloom - the little buggers.

    We still can not find a wedding cake, but we have not given up hope. Yet.

    Instruments still look pretty much the same as in the photos - REAL talents don't need to practice, right? Right?!


  2. I hear that fried green tomatoes are really tasty. Could be served with a lovely morning glory leaf salad with a light vinagrette dressing.

    Just a suggestion.


  3. you're so cute.
    and those pictures are gorgeous.
    yes, real talents don't need practice ;).. and to mom's comment, i felt like someone just ordered something at subway. i hate when that happens.

  4. Ha many times have I used my glock. as a table? Many more times than I care to admit.

    Good luck, Jenny!!


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