Friday, December 1, 2006

Who said Texas doesn't have fall???

Well, when we moved to Texas, I thought it would be summer all year long... Boy, was I wrong. Suddenly, it's winter time. Fall decided to rear its pretty head last weekend. Too bad we weren't even in town to enjoy the three days of color changing. We were in Kansas City visiting family for Thanksgiving and when we returned the trees had already started shedding their leaves.

We settled in to enjoy fall and winter snuck up on us. I guess it didn't sneak, because the weathermen were telling us all about the major winter storm about to show up. It went from 75 to less than 30 overnight. And with it came a little freezing rain and a few snow flurries. I guess major is a relative term (for those of us from Wisconsin, at least).

So, whoever said Texas doesn't have a fall was wrong. We DO have a fall! And it lasts a whole week. Oh ya, winter lasts about a week, too.


1 comment:

  1. It looks like I've just notices winter "sneaking up" on my in the third picture. Too funny!



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