Friday, June 18, 2010

oatmeal peanut butter cookie heaven

oatmeal peanut butter heaven

Oh sweet Lord in heaven these are good.

Perhaps the best cookies I have ever made.

And they're easy.

And they're perfect for my peanut butter-loving husband for Father's Day.

But they are VERY addictive, so please enjoy responsibly.

As soon as you possibly can.

I found the fabulous recipe here on one of my favorite blogs, Savory Sweet Life.

Once you get the cookies made, you can either just eat them as they are (which I personally prefer, since I like a more subtle peanut butter cookie) or go ahead and prepare yourself for sainthood and make the cookie sandwich version.

Just put the cream filling in a ziploc baggie, snip the corner and squeeze


Then have your assistant sandwich another cookie on top.


Squeeze, top and repeat until you run out of cream filling. (Did I mention you might want to double the cream filling recipe?)


Feed to your favorite Daddy and prepare to be showered with praise, vows of undying love, hugs, and yes, maybe even a few tears.


Happy Father's Day!

Now go make these cookies!

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  1. Definitely the best cookies ever! Thank you!!!


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