Sunday, October 31, 2010

cake pops

cake balls

Beware! Turn back now! Despair all ye who enter here!

These cake pops are so tasty, so indulgent and so darn cute, you will quickly be pulled in by their sweet siren song. They will throw you into a deadly cycle of making and eating these little treats that will only end in driving a giant batch to a friends house in a last ditch effort to avoid resembling a cake ball yourself.

Or at least that is my experience. You, on the other hand, my have a modicum of self control.

In which case, you should make these cake pops! And if you lack self control when it comes to adorable and tasty treats, then you should make these cake pops! (And then immediately drive them to your obliging friends' house.)

Either way, you need these in your life.

The basic idea here is that you bake a cake, crumble it up (which feels so wrong), stir in almost a whole can of icing (which feels so right), roll it into balls, chill the balls, poke in a stick and cover in chocolate. It's a little fussy, but easy and a ton of fun. Not only are all edibles better on a stick, but there are sprinkles involved AND you get to destroy a cake!!

The vanilla cake and icing combo below was cute and yummy, and my husband's favorite. My favorite, Red velvet cake with cream cheese icing and chocolate almond bark, makes for a cake pop in perfect balance - the savory-sweetness of the cream cheese icing with the mild chocolate flavor of the chocolate almond bark; the soft, creaminess of the red velvet cake with the crunch of the chocolate. Heaven.

Whatever combo you choose, just don't be tempted to use chocolate chips - they don't temper properly like the almond bark or candy melts and will never set up , dry or become crunchy. There is only sadness and pain down that road. Just so you know.

For complete instructions visit the ingenious, creative and fabulous Bakerella.

Now let's get to work.

cake balls group

cake balls spear setup

cake balls assistant

cake balls skewered

cake balls speared

cake balls sprinkles

cake balls cover setup

cake balls cover

cake balls tap

cake balls covered

cake balls sprinkle

cake balls 3
Oh my but these are cute. And yummy. And adorable. And delicious. And in no way healthy or natural. But they make me very, very happy. And round.

cake balls 2

There are tons of cake pop variations on flavors and shapes on Bakerella's site. Like her spring chicks cake pops. I can't handle the cuteness. You could just lurk around there basking in her creative genius. Or you could buy her new book. Or you could just put a cake in the oven right now and get started on these beauties. Whatever you do, just be ware: you may be able to resist the cuteness, and you may be able to resist the yumminess, but you can't resist both.
And one cake mix makes 50 cake pops.
Warn your friends.

cake balls

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  1. These look so yummy! i love anything dipped in chocolate and topped with sprinkles. I need to scroll through your blog to see if you've posted a picture of your new babe. Enjoy your family. Hope your Thanksgiving was wonderful.


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