Thursday, February 4, 2010

Life vocation #42: Home Preschool Teacher

Two weeks ago I got the forms for 3yo preschool at the school where the Bean has been attending Mother's Day Out for two years. Brad and I realized that their minimum day requirements and fees had risen right above our price range. A desire to be good stewards of our finances (us) and a nagging feeling that these precious days at home with my daughter are FLYING by (me) led us to the decision to not do preschool next year.

At first, I felt like a failure because I couldn't provide the Bean with the education that I had envisioned for her. Blech. That is a low moment for any parent. Then after a lot of thought, some wise council and prayer, I began to realize that I couldn't afford the education I had envisioned for her next year, but I could provide it. Or rather, God could.

If 2009 taught me anything, it was that God will provide for our family. Over and over and over He hit me over the head with this truth until I am finally able to say that in faith. And He has provided once again.

He has provided me with
  • access to some wonderful blogs, a few of which appear in the blog roll to the right (I hope to add more soon) which have begun my education in homeschooling principles (although I still plan for public school in Kindergarten).
  • a husband who has faith in me even when I don't.
  • our fabulous community center and its rich offering of affordable, local preschool age activities I didn't realize existed until I was desperate.
  • a cheering section of family members and fellow mommies.
  • a daughter who is naturally outgoing (so I don't have to stress about socialization), has a voracious appetite for knowledge and a love of books (so I've never felt I had to force her into learning) and with whom I genuinely enjoy spending my days.

I am so thankful. And humbled. And, very probably, out of my ever loving mind. Time will tell, friends.

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