Sunday, March 7, 2010

chocolate cream pie filling flop

Sweet friends, my capacity for failure is off the charts this weekend.

Brad's feet were barely dry from his run to Walmart in the rain when the pre-made pie crust came out of the oven beautifully. In a flurry of refreshed domestic confidence, I pulled the chocolate cream pie filling out of the fridge to make sure it would be ready when the crust had cooled to find this:


Nope. Not set.

My did-that-really-just-happen? laugh was manic enough to bring Brad out of his study to make sure everything was OK. Which of course it was, because this household is never without instant pudding mix!

The heroes of the day:


And big thank you to Brad for buoying my humor during my current run of baking disasters and to whipped cream for being easy enough that even on a day like today, it just works.


Do I still want to meet my goal of making a great dessert for my family from scratch once a week in an effort to save money and make the experience of sweets in our house more about quality (time, ingredients and flavor) than quantity? Yes, definitely. But what this pie lacks in handmade-osity, it more than makes up for in lessons to my achievement-obsessed personality. May I present my own personal Humble Pie:


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